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Justine Vial

With a strong interest for politics and public affairs, I decided to be more specialized into the European field in order to get closer to the great challenges for the EU.

After two years spent in a french prep school (hypokhâgne and khâgne) in Paris, where I developed a great sens of rigor and methodology as well as a good culture and a general knowledge, I chose to study about politics. Therefore, I joined the university Paris-III Sorbonne-Nouvelle where I obtained a master degree in European politics. This has been the opportunity for me to be more aware of the legislative process. Then, I went to Paris-II Panthéon Assas to learn more about the national and european laws.

Before joining Athenora Consulting, I worked for the european think-tank Europartenaires, created in 1994 by Elisabeth Guigou and ruled by herself and by Jean-Noël Jeanneney. This experience allowed me to be in touch with many influent actors and also to tackle some political issues in a more active way, such as the Green Deal.

 I am also passionate about digital issues, on which I work within the Europe and Technologies of the Future Circle of which I am Secretary General.