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Diane Renaudin

My lifelong passion for agriculture and politics naturally led me to the sphere of European public affairs.

After a degree in history at the University of Nantes, which gave me the academic rigour I needed, I pursued my education with a master's degree in international relations at the Catholic University of Angers. This gave me the opportunity to discover the French political environment during a traineeship with a senator and his parliamentary team. It was there that I discovered the world of European lobbying and decided to move abroad to do a master's degree in European policy at the Institute of European Studies of Brussels.

The latter enabled me to do an internship at Copa Cogeca, the most prominent representation of the agricultural sector at the European Union. There I learned about the functioning of the European institutions and the importance of ethical and responsible interest representation for healthy democracy. This experience reinforced my desire to continue in European lobbying, and with this in mind I decided to join Athenora Consulting, so that I could advocate for values that I hold dear.