Client feedback

We would like to thank all our clients and partners for their kind and valuable feedback:

The teams at Athenora have given us a greater understanding of why and how Europe affects us: the political issues, the impact of regulations on our business and the opportunities to support our projects. They help us to publicise and promote mutual organisations and to advance the interests and expectations of our millions of members who are also European citizens. They also help us to anticipate European decisions, rather than simply submit to them. In a complex European environment, the teams at Athenora know how to listen to and educate us in order to best support our discussions and developments.

Thierry Beaudet, President - MGEN

The team at the Permanent Representation Office of La Poste must be able to discuss, share and compare technical dossiers and ideas on a daily and ongoing basis, in order to support our influencing strategy in Brussels. The teams at Athenora are always happy to listen and are very responsive. They have a perfect knowledge of institutional mechanisms, networks and people, as well as the human qualities required to build a lasting and trusting relationship.

Catherine Coppo, Director of European Institutional Relations/Director of the Brussels Permanent Representation Office of La Poste

Our work with Athenora involves the regulatory monitoring of our European markets. We initially worked with them on a specific issue, but have since extended our collaboration to a number of areas of intelligence and action thanks to Athenora’s ability to teach and advise our operational teams. Particularly valuable are the reporting tools they have introduced, as these allow us to prioritise challenges and opportunities according to the capacity for action of our different subsidiaries.

Thomas Barbelet, Director of Marketing and Communication - Vinci Concessions

The Civil Law Initiative is supported by Athenora Consulting. Our discussions with its teams have been extremely valuable for setting out a strategy for promoting our work to the European institutions. They tailored their excellent knowledge of the Brussels system to meet our exact needs, allowing us to present our ideas to the relevant spokespersons without delay and in an effective and appropriate manner.

Patrick Papazian, Director General - Civil Law Initiative

Athenora represents and defends the interests of its clients extremely well, helping them to debate with European decision-makers. Athenora has gained an excellent reputation thanks to its perfect knowledge of the European labyrinth and its rigorous, ethical working practices. As a European Relations tutor with many contacts in Brussels, I have seen how Athenora’s reputation for professionalism and credibility has made it a recognised partner of the European institutions. Athenora offers well-trained young people the opportunity to begin and pursue a career as an international lobbyist.

Michel Clamen, Professor at the Catholic Institute of Paris/Director of the Master's programme in European Relations and lobbying

The Cercle des réseaux européens, founded and led by Athenora, regularly gives its members the opportunity to meet European decision-makers in a different environment to the usual working meetings. Although this is not an opportunity for businesses to lobby, the fact that these meetings are quite small allows in-depth discussions with top-level European decision-makers. The courteous tone of the debates does not prevent them from being open and honest. These meetings are an opportunity for representatives of French companies to extend and strengthen their Brussels networks and to get to know each other better. 

Thierry Reveau de Cyriéres, Permanent Representative in Brussels - Total

I was slightly doubtful when Stéphane Desselas asked me to be a tutor in the first “lobby training” session, however, it proved to be extremely rewarding. These discussions make it possible to understand and anticipate the expectations of the interested parties and thus to learn how to develop real trust-based relationships with European decision-makers. Athenora offers a vision of lobbying with a human face, which is a far cry from the cynical utilitarianism of certain consultancy firms.

Lise Deguen, Director of European Affairs - RTE

The Education League has called upon Athenora to engage its militants in the European cause on several occasions. Without making any kind of moral judgment, the team at Athenora provided our militants with practical tools to make themselves heard in Brussels and influence European debates. The team at Athenora gave our cause the means to act effectively and rationally at European level. Athenora is one of the few consultancy firms in Brussels to offer NGOs societal lobbying tools for furthering their cause.

Jean-Marc Roirant, Secretary General of the Education League/European Civic Forum

It is difficult for an NGO such as ATD Fourth World to follow European affairs on a daily basis, as we lack substantial human resources. We are very grateful to Athenora for helping us free of charge by sending us weekly intelligence information on European dossiers that affect us. To help us even further, Athenora regularly discusses the issues with us in order to fine-tune this intelligence information. This has allowed us to remain informed and aware of issues and decisions that we would not otherwise have picked up on due to a lack of time or skills and to keep a careful eye on these issues. We are also grateful for Athenora’s advice on communications and strategy which has helped us defend in Brussels the rights of the weakest members of society.

Marie-Cécile Renoux, Brussels Representative - ATD Fourth World

We are increasingly required to consider the European dimension when managing our clients’ issues. Whether this involves managing public opinion before, during or after the decision-making process, our cooperation with Athenora is always easy and effective thanks to the professionalism and attitude of Stéphane Desselas and Natacha Clarac; this cooperation takes place in the context of the PRGN, in which we are the French member.

Stéphane Billet, President - We Agency

Athenora Consulting is our preferred partner for European lobbying issues within PRGN. Stéphane Desselas presented the specifics of lobbying in Brussels during a training course on public affairs that we gave for our Swiss clients. We are grateful for his knowledgeable advice, which was based on first-hand information

Philippe Eberhard, President - Cabinet Privé de Conseils (CPC)

I had the pleasure of working with the team Athenora during a joint Cap Gemini mission for a large mutual insurance company. It was a particularly rewarding professional experience, with stimulating discussions, a consistently high level of expertise and a great desire to achieve results for their clients… in a pleasant and relaxed environment.

Renaud Berrivin, Former Project Director at Cap Gemini Consulting - Director of Communication at the IMA (Inter Mutuelles Assistance) Group

I have found the two books written by Stéphane Desselas on lobbying particularly useful in my teaching. They combine excellent lessons and a very clear presentation of the basic principles of lobbying with an operational vision that reveals many years of experience. I also noticed a rare quality in Stéphane Desselas, namely the discretion of an author who does not use his books to promote his agency. I believe that humility is an essential quality in a good lobbyist.

Thierry Libaert, Professor of Business Communication at the University of Leuven

Member of a Master’s teaching programme that brings together the universities of seven countries around the theme of "Lobbying in the European Union"

We worked with Athenora on the EU affairs monitoring of the European transport sector. Their excellent knowledge of institutional mechanisms and the Brussels system allowed us to present our ideas effectively to the right people. Our discussions with Athenora were extremely valuable for determining a suitable strategy for promoting our work to the European institutions and meeting European decision-makers. We are very grateful to Athenora for sending us intelligence on European issues every week.

Reto Bleisch, Director Regulation, international affairs – Chemins de fer fédéraux suisses (CFF)