Our team

Stéphane Desselas

My professional career started very early on the European front, almost 30 years ago. Driven by the desire to contribute to the defence of general interest missions, I have worked for La Poste, EDF and the European Railway Federation.

When founding Athenora Consulting in 2003, my ambition was to combine the defence of general interest with the most modern tools of influence and rigorous professionalism, stemming from an active practice of Anglo-Saxon lobbying methods acquired within a British public affairs firm.

I also wished to make these methods available to as many people as possible and to share the fruit of my experience by publishing two books (“Un lobbying professionnel à visage découvert” and “Les règles d'or du lobbying”) and by giving numerous training courses in the academic context (Sciences Po, ICP, ENA...) and to professionals (new representative in Brussels, public affairs department). Today, I lead a firm, rich in its methods, its teams and its clients/partners, with the ever-renewed pleasure of acting for sustainable lobbying in the service of the European general interest. I share this pleasure with my business partner Natacha, who is passionate about Athenora and European public affairs.